Java Free Online Course

java-02The best way to learn java is to practice. You can start by studying the following slides in combination with javasoft’s tutorial and Java’s apis. Each module has exercises that you should try to solve.

1st dayBasic Java, IntroductionIntroduction
Java’s Syntax & Semantics
Arrays, Methods, Strings
Object orientation and Java

2nd dayBasic Java, Introduction 2Exception Handling / Packages
Java’s main Packages
Applets & Applications
Learning Java


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Released Source Code For Web Hangman

hangmanAfter receiving few emails requesting web hangman’s java source code, I decided to make it publicly available. Feel free to change it as you wish and let me know if you make anything nice with it. Remember that after building and before deploying you will must sign the applet with your certificate. This is well explained on the article “How to open/read/write a local file from an applet“.