Printable Sudoku Puzzles

Here you can get a free collection of printable sudoku puzzles that I’ve for friends. The puzzles are contained in small PDF ebooks. At the moment, this page contains 3 sudoku ebooks for anyone that want to print and enjoy them. Each sudoku ebook contains few dozen carefully planned sudoku puzzles of increasing difficulty. Starting from very easy levels on the first book and and going to very hard levels on the last one. You can also get the puzzles of the online 12 Sudoku Challenge in a printable PDF format.

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Online Web Hangman

hangmanCan you win five consecutive times the online hangman game? It’s not easy. It uses a dictionary of the most common 20000+ english words. To help you, Web Hangman paints images related to each hidden word. Often, these images help but sometimes they devilishly mislead. And this is what makes the online web hangman so much fun. Come on, have a go :), it’s simple and fast. As the latest browsers do not have Java by default you may need to install and enable Java on your browser .

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Released Source Code For Web Hangman

hangmanAfter receiving few emails requesting web hangman’s java source code, I decided to make it publicly available. Feel free to change it as you wish and let me know if you make anything nice with it. Remember that after building and before deploying you will must sign the applet with your certificate. This is well explained on the article “How to open/read/write a local file from an applet“.