Java Free Online Course

java-02The best way to learn java is to practice. You can start by studying the following slides in combination with javasoft’s tutorial and Java’s apis. Each module has exercises that you should try to solve.

1st dayBasic Java, IntroductionIntroduction
Java’s Syntax & Semantics
Arrays, Methods, Strings
Object orientation and Java

2nd dayBasic Java, Introduction 2Exception Handling / Packages
Java’s main Packages
Applets & Applications
Learning Java


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The simplest algorithm and you can get great looking graphics. More than that – you get graphics that are full of abstract, archetypical, almost mystical knowledge.

Let me explain myself… The algorithm is very simple. We loop to find the coordinates for a circle’s perimeter whilst varying the circle’s radius. As this change of the radius fluctuates it give rise to a million of shapes, all following a symmetry and morphing between each other.

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Aspect Orientation

Aspects help in improving the modularisation of a system by encapsulating cross cutting concerns such as distribution, exception handling, debugging, tracing/logging/auditing/timing/testing, design patterns, idioms, etc. The implementation of such concerns usually is spread through the classes and objects of a system. This makes code harder to understand and less maintainable/evolvable.

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