Ceramic Castle Diffuser

ceramic-castleIt’s been two years that I’ve made this ceramic diffuser. The top of the castle can be filled with water and scented oil.  And when you place a candle inside the castle the heat of the candle makes the scented oil to evaporate. It took sixteen hours to make it, even with the help of my teacher Nedoglou Stella, who I thank greatly!  The colors are her advice and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

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The simplest algorithm and you can get great looking graphics. More than that – you get graphics that are full of abstract, archetypical, almost mystical knowledge.

Let me explain myself… The algorithm is very simple. We loop to find the coordinates for a circle’s perimeter whilst varying the circle’s radius. As this change of the radius fluctuates it give rise to a million of shapes, all following a symmetry and morphing between each other.

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