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The 12 Puzzle Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku is a japanese puzzle game that has become popular to all the countries of the world. To solve the sudoku puzzle you must first know the rules: every cell must contain a number from 1 to 9. No horizontal or vertical line, or 3x3 grid may contain a number twice.

Take the sudoku challenge. Play online for free!
Twelve sudoku puzzles to solve online, from very easy to very hard, each giving away a letter of the 12-character password that gets you to see the congratulations message.

Can you do it? If you can email me your result.

Click on the sudoku board if you want to play online. If you prefer the printable sudoku version click here.

When you solve all sudoku puzzles you should have the password to the sudoku challenge. Please enter the solution to the textfield and press enter.

If you enjoyed the sudoku challenge, download and print the three PDF sudoku booklets I recently made for friends. You can also play IvoryTower and web hangman or play online casino games.

I am working on a daily sudoku page with a really cool java applet to help solving sudokus. It's almost done so check again soon. Get your daily fix of sudoku puzzles at Sudoku League

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