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I've spent some time recently installing many Firefox extensions. Some are good and some are really great. I put down the best I'm using on an article with the title 27 of the most useful Firefox Extensions. Check it out, you may find some useful extensions in that list.

Searching the Web

hardin Meta Directory
A good start to search for medical related info.
Can be very useful once you know the name of the file that contains the information that you require

Mirago a good UK based search engine

Overture- Search Term Suggestion Tool

To translate to various languages try babelfish.

Domain Name Related

It is possible nowdays to publish a website with its own domain name for 12$ p.a. The process involves four steps:

a. finding a name,

b. buying the name, ( is the cheapest place I know of but you could check first the list),

c. registering with a free hosting service provider (like which gives free space to park both the domain name and the web site)

d. changing the ip adresses (minimum 2) of the recently acquired domain name to point to the domain name servers of the free hosting service provider. Normally, the website from which you bought the domain name should have an option to allow such change.
Gives up-to-date statistics on registrations of domain names worldwide.
Is the most famous site to buy and sell domain names.

Finding Items

bn will reprint rare books for you that are out of print
loot is UK's largest free advertisment site

Submiting your website

Submit Your Website
Free categorized web directory to submit your website.


Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of describing your products in a way that positions you better on the results of search engines.

There is a lot of information on SEO. The tools, links and tutorials I found useful until now are many.

You can use the keyword tracker by Digital Point Solutions to get Wordtracker and Overture results.

Get Suggestions For Phrase:

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Search Engines

Search Engines

Search Engines