xoocle-su mashup, a new stumbleupon mashup

I just finished the alpha implementation of the xoocle SU mashup. It’s a mashup script that takes a stumbleupon name, fetches all the tags, and links them to the latest blog, bookmark & photo entries on technorati, delicious & flickr.

The script should help SU users to find the latest entries related to their interests. It should also help making popular SU discoveries.

Try the xoocle SU mash script with your SU name. if you dont have a SU name you need an SU account first. If you dont want a SU account but you still want to run the script, check my thanassis mashup page. By checking the about page you can find how and why I’ve wrote this mashup script.

You can use directly the xoocle SU mashup script by composing your url as:



7 thoughts on “xoocle-su mashup, a new stumbleupon mashup

  1. Nice idea, the number of services you could add into this mashup is nearly unlimited. Indeed you have given me an idea to a little app I have been developing.

  2. Thank you!
    The problem is that you can’t pick up too much info without registering the user first. I dont want to ask for a SU password and I dont want to duplicate db data too. Perhaps a soultion would be a xoocle toolbar. What your idea about?

  3. Hi there? Im not commenting on this post, i just wanna say thanks for dropping by at my boring blog. I don’t know how or what drove u to my blog, but still, i appreciate u drop by. thanks. 🙂

  4. I’m not a fan of toolbars I have to many installed already, asking for a password is all about trust, I would suggest that you think how to minimise the amount of contact with the password, i.e stored locally on the users pc and called, encrypt the password etc.

    Ultimately if you offer a basic tool and then ask for a password to get the full effect a user will say yes or no and its up to them 🙂

  5. Great mashup of tools, It creates a great page with my personal interests

  6. Hi Thanassis – great job with this mashup! I enjoyed its simplicity and ease of use so much that I just wrote up a feature of Xoocle on my blog:

  7. Just browsing the internet, very, very interesting blog.

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