CBA Research

cba_assessmentI have completed my Ph.D under the supervision of Dr.E.Foxley and Dr.C.Higgins. My thesis has the title ” A Framework for the Computer Based Assessment (CBA) of Diagram Based Coursework“. It asserts that developing free-response CBA for coursework that is solved by students drawing diagrams, is both feasible and useful. To substantiate these claims, in the almost seven years period of my phd, I’ve designed, implemented and tested DATsys, a system which significantly eases the development of automatically assessed coursework that requires diagram-based solution.

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Java Free Online Course

java-02The best way to learn java is to practice. You can start by studying the following slides in combination with javasoft’s tutorial and Java’s apis. Each module has exercises that you should try to solve.

1st dayBasic Java, IntroductionIntroduction
Java’s Syntax & Semantics
Arrays, Methods, Strings
Object orientation and Java

2nd dayBasic Java, Introduction 2Exception Handling / Packages
Java’s main Packages
Applets & Applications
Learning Java


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Online Web Hangman

hangmanCan you win five consecutive times the online hangman game? It’s not easy. It uses a dictionary of the most common 20000+ english words. To help you, Web Hangman paints images related to each hidden word. Often, these images help but sometimes they devilishly mislead. And this is what makes the online web hangman so much fun. Come on, have a go :), it’s simple and fast. As the latest browsers do not have Java by default you may need to install and enable Java on your browser .

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