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I wrote webhangman as an experiment of a game that uses the web for its data. Hangman is a classic and simple game. Fetching images that are related to the hidden keyword gives it a twist and I hope it makes it more interesting. Maybe a little like playing the opposite of google images.

Did you like webhangman? Is there anything I can do to improve it?

4 thoughts on “Online Web Hangman

  1. Dear Dr Thanassis,

    I’ve had been trying out your hangman game which I find very nice and useful. Iwas wondering if you have any plans of creating a version whereby novices like myself could add their own words and with your permission upload games on non-commercial educational sites.




  2. thank you! I am glad you like hangman!
    I do give away the source code for Hangman so anybody with a little java experience can change it however they want and use it freely in their websites. It’s pretty easy to change it even without much java experience. Hang on for few days and I’ll write my next blog article with detailed instructions on how make the changes to put your list of words.
    I had a look on your website and I like both the l&f and the content. I’ve bookmarked it on StumbleUpon, you may experience a peek in traffic for the next few days.
    thanks again,

  3. How very kind of you. Yes, I did notice the StumbleUpon effect which was a very lovely surprise. Thank you very much.


  4. Many thanks Thanassis. It was extremely kind of you to add my site URL to Stumble On and I did experience a peek in traffic 🙂

    I’ll certainly come back for your hangman game, thank you very much.



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