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musicAlthough I generally like most music, I have a preference on the acoustic sound. Guitars, basses, banjos, harps. I always try to improve my guitar and music skills. Over the last decade I am still trying to figure out how to improvise in the style of gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt. I may need few decades more…

In the near future I intend to make some proper recordings available in mp3 format. At the moment I’m placing here some of the few tracks I have available from old recordings.

mrag.mp3 0.97MB
carolan.mp3 0.57MB
sleep1.mp3 sleep2.mp3 0.933MB
Thomas Váczy Hightower has a very interesting article on the creation of musical scales from a mathematic and acoustic point of view

Jazz Guitar

I try to use everything I can to improve my technique and understanding. Books, cds, video lessons, software, even programming and ofcourse practice.

I have found the following programs very useful:

Band In a Box : allows you to create and play as a backing track a chart on a particular has made available two fake jazz books, volume 1 and volume 2 . The two files contain 1000s of standards in the bbox format.

Amazing Slowdowner: slows down mp3 & audio without loosing pitch.

AP Guitar Tuner: The best pc guitar tuner I’ve used.

Online Metronome.

Other useful resources:Extended Guitar ChordsChord & Scales chart,

Theory Lessons at jazzprimerA Jazz Improvisation Primer
by Marc Sabatella
, Free online ear trainerMel Martin’s Jazz article.

Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Few years ago I’ve listened to Django Reinhardt playing and converted to the manouche style of music. You can see him play in this rare video clip of J’attendrai. has a whole page devoted to relatedvideos. Another good resource for online videos is Remember to try youtube too.

DjangoMontreal hosts a biography of Django by Alain Antonietto. : Very useful portal with the best uk shop on django related merchandise

Now and again with few friends we jam for fun. For the curious here are some example tunes recorded on a tape recorder.

For real gypsy jazz you’re better of checking the latest albums, or the gypsy jazz radio.

I got a Gitane DG250M from hobgoblinand I installed a n4 Dupont bridge fromgypsyguitars The action was raised considerably but the improvement on the tone worths it. You can read various interesting reviews on the Gitane 250M at maartinallcock and atharmonycentral. I always use argentine 10s strings and I usually get them in bulk from

One of the most important things for getting into this music has been registering on the yahoo gypsy jazz forum. Also check out the available django transcriptions. Another site for transcriptions/tabs. Tab Software that you need to view/play these usually include:TablEditPowerTab and GuitarPro.

search ebay for manouche guitars.

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