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artIn his page I want to share some of my art-work. When programming frustrates me, I let it all out by painting on glass, walls, furniture and anything else including now and again paper.

Stained Glass Vase

It took a good month to make this stained glass vase. And while doing so I’ve learned a lot on how to work with stained glass paints. I’ve made an animation of it so that you can admire it from all of its sides! To activate the animation focus the mouse on the top of the vase.

Celtic mirror

My first satined glass celtic mirror. I used the books “Celtic Design” to figure out how to do complex celtic knots. Celtic design is published in 6 volumes, and is the most useful resource I’ve found until now on celtic knots and other type of celtic art.

Castle Mural Mural of a castle drawn at a young age.
Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Window
Abstract Geometric Patterned Stained Glass Windows: Both examples below are from windows in my house in Greece. Each took about a day to make.
Heretic Mage Stained Glass Mirror The Mage: The design comes from an old popular PC computer 3DFPS game, called “Heretic”. If I remember well, on the 5th level, there is a chapel with this exact design.
Bob Ross Effort - Landscape Bob Ross Second Effort - Valey
Left : My first effort on a painting attempting to use the Bob Ross technique. Right: My second attmpt.
The Bob Ross technique of painting landscapes is based on a set of painting patterns. Using some special brushes and a palette knife, Bob Ross illustrated on his tv episodes how to use these painting patterns to produce almost photorealistic landscapes in less than 30 minutes.The official Bob Ross web site shows some of his best paintings. It contains example tutorials tooOther websites detail his technique. The best and cheapest way to experiment with his techniques would be to visit ebay and search for Bob Ross.

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