aggregates 113 popular games feeds -just released-

Just released my latest 7-day project at It is a feed aggregator site that attempts to follow the steps of and but specializes in video games.

At the moment, displays 113 of the most popular gaming feeds in 11 categories: games buzz, news, latest online games, mmogs, pc games, xbox, xbox360, ps/2, ps/3, Nintendo Wii, & misc. It should help you find the latest game related links faster than ever…

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2 thoughts on “ aggregates 113 popular games feeds -just released-

  1. hi! this really isnt related but are you Greek? my friends and i are doing a cross cultural research about Greek values,etc and it woud be great if we can interview you. thanks

  2. Yes, I’m Greeek, living in the uk for the last 14 years. Someday, I’ll return to the country with the best food and weather!. No problem with the interview, just let me know when and how you wnat doing it. Email me for more 🙂

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