Djangopedia passes the 200 django tunes mark!

djangopediaDjangopedia started about 7 months ago indexing online resources related to the music of the famous jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Today, djangopedia got its 206th entry, and I’m pretty sure that this makes it the largest online resource for tunes recorded by Django Reinhardt.

You can view the list of Django’s most popular tunes by visiting Djangopedia’s stats. I wondered what would be the list of the top 20 combining the popularity of djangopedia’s tunes with that of youtube videos. So, I’ve compiled the “Top 20 Djangopedia Gypsy Jazz Tunes with Youtube videos“. Check it out, it’s djangopedia’s top 20 with youtube’s most popular videos for each tune.

As djangopedia gets larger it will get much harder to add to it. To pass the 300 mark may take sometime. As the total of unique django tunes approximates 500, there is a long way to go to complete the first round.


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  1. Great blog! thought you might like to see a site where guiatrs( slide) are built!

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