Djangopedia has Been Born!

djangopediaFor long time I wanted to start a wiki for all django fans. A place to put all kind of information related to the wonderful legacy Django Reinhardt has left us. If you love Django’s music, please visit and participate.

I have added some basic structure with Django’s Discography and created the first page, for Django’s most famous song, Minor Swing. I want to have a page per song, where we can gather all the information and web links we can get on a single page.

I know Djangopedia will be very useful to me and my friends, I hope it will be also appreciated by all the django fans & musicians. If you happen to be a wiki expert AND a django fan, please send me an email, and consider helping us.



3 thoughts on “Djangopedia has Been Born!

  1. Amazed that on search nothing came up for Bireli Lagrene 🙁

  2. thanks for your comment 🙂
    what you say though is not true.
    How did you search? Put “bireli” under djangopedia’s main page search, or try:

    You get 10 results and these are all online videos assigned to django tunes. Not even near as many as I would have wanted but djangopedia is only 1 month old.

    I want to first focus on django’s tunes. Once I have completed the pages for all django’s 795 recordings, I’ll start adding tunes composed by the recent gypsy jazz players. Undoubtely Bireli will be the first to tackle after django, to be followed by my personal favourite, Tchavolo Schmitt.


  3. Djangopedia is a really useful resource – thanks for making it. In the true spirit of web pilfering I downloaded a copy and parsed out the chords. I then piped it through Lilypond and made a big PDF that we use as a Gypsy Jazz real book (you’re welcome to a copy).

    But some of the chords are wrong and I’d like to improve it. Any chance of getting an account?


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