C.S. Resources

CSThis page contains a selection of important C.S. related links in the following areas:

Indexes, Organisations, Companies & Publishers

CS -links – indexes
Yahoo’s List of CS schools
Lists of Engineering schools
WWW Virtual Library on Computing
MIT Media Lab
Online Dictionary of Computing
Cora CS Search Engine
A Computer Dictionary
Professional Organisations
American National Standards Institute
ACM special interest groups
American Mathematics Society
Computing Research Association
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Electronic Frontier Foundation
IEEE Computer Society
Internet Engineering Task Force
Open Software Foundation
Advanced Micro Devices
Data General
Digital Equipment
Digital Equipment (research group)
IBM’s AS400 division
Pure Software
Silicon Graphics
SRI International
AcqWeb’s Directory of Publishers
Addison-Wesley Press
Computer Science Press
CRC Press
D.C. Heath
Kluwer Academic Press
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
O’Reilly Associates
Prentice Hall
W.H. Freeman

History Of Computing

A comprehensive list of links to Computer History related resources. Compiled and maintained by the Virginia Tech Computer Science Department.
Hobbes’ Internet Timeline v5.0 maintained by Robert Hobbes .
Two histories of computer networking. The first is a “History of the Internet” page with links to other sources.

Computer Science Fundamentals

World Lecture Hall
Links to many CS relates resources and course notes. Mantained by the University of Texas.

Indexes to Journals and Proceedings

ACM Digital Library
journals, magazines, and conference proceedings published by ACM.
Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
A comprehensive index from Monash University.
Reports and Papers
An index of Technical Reference Libraries at numerous Computer Science departments.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A searchable database covering the literature from volume 500 to the latest volumes of LNCS published by Springer-Verlag.
Collection of Computer Science Bibiliographies
More then one million bibliographic references of scientific literature in CS. Fully searchable and containing more than 90,000 references to online publications.Maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles.
CS Journals: AcademicACMBaltzerBirkhäuserBlackwellCambridgeElsevierIEEEIOSKluwerMIT,OldenbourgOxfordSIAMSpringerWileyWorld Scientific – others

Electronic Journals & Reports

Directory of Computing Science Journals
A world wide directory.
Information and Computation
an international journal of theoretical Computer Science published by Academic Press
Computer Science Online Journals
a list of international online journals maintained by elsevier science
ICE: Journals on the Internet via ICE:
A list of e-journals from the ICE: Internet Connections for Engineering from Cornell University.

Artificial Intelligence

Oxford University Artificial Intelligence Archive
A comprehensive list of links to AI topics world wide.
AI Education Repository
A resource repository for AI educators
Generation 5 Artificial Intelligence Repository
Short Essays in AI and presentations
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
A resource repository for AI researchers, educators, students and practicioners.

Compilers and Interpreters

comp.compilers Newsgroup Archive
Provides access to postings of comp.compilers.
Hot topics in compilers home page.
Maintained by Will Hill of AT&T.

High Performance Computing

High Performace Computing List.
Maintained by the Compositional Systems Research Group at Caltech


HCI Bibliography.
Human-Computer Interaction Resources and a search facility for a databse of 19.600 HCI related records.
HCI Resources on the Net.
Maintained by Mikael Ericsson this list contains links to HCI indexes
Information Technology & Humans .
Maintained by the BizTech Network
Resources for HCI Education.
A collection of resources related to HCI education. Maintained by Gary Perlman, Ohio State University.

Neural Networks

AI Neural Networks Resource Links.
A comprehensive catalog of Neural Network related resources maintained by Knowledge Technology Inc.


TCP/IP Tutorial.
TCP/IP is the oldest, and one of the most widely used, of the network protocol suites. This page is a simplistic guide to TCP/IP.


Cetus Links:18,199 Links on Objects and Components

Operating Systems

comp.os.research FAQ
The Frequently-Asked Questions fact sheet contains pointers to archives of material on operating systems research.
Concurrent Systems
Oxford University concurrent systems archive.

Programming Languages

Programming Languages and Compilers Bibliographies
Maintained by Mark Leone
Evolving algebras page.
Material on extensible formal descriptions given in algebraic semantics.
Formal methods archive
Oxford University Computing Laboratory Archives on formal methods. Links to descriptions of and information regarding formal specification languages: Petri nets, Z, the works.
Programming Language Research.
Resources for research in programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas.


Robotics Related Links on the Internet
A massive list with links related to Robotics, from research to robotic clubs.


A site on cryptography established by Paul Kocher, a researcher responsible for devising a method of attacking RSA encryption.
The CIPHER Archive
CIPHER is the IEEE Computer Science Society’s Technical Committee on Security and Privacy. This home page is a clearinghouse of information on security- and privacy-related concerns.
Security-related pointers
Extensive Security resources.
Encryption and Security-related Resources
Index maintained by Peter Gutmann.

Software Engineering

Formal Methods and Standards Page
Links to home pages describing formal methods for software specification, maintained by Cal State professor Dick Botting.
WWW Virtual Library – Software Engineering
Links to Language and Notation pages, Case tools and Industrial Organisation.
Brad Appleton’s Software Engineering Links
An index with 911 links to Software Engineering on the World Wide Web.
Brad Appleton’s Software Engineering Links
An index with 911 links to Software Engineering on the World Wide Web.

Virtual Reality

Resourcses in Virtual Reality On the Net
maintained by the Knowledge Base Project
VR links
A comprehensive list of VR related resources

Vision and Image Processing

Computer Vision
Maintained by the London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing.
Vision and Image Processing Archive
Maintained by the London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing.
Vision and Image Processing Archive
Maintained by the London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing.

Visual Languages

VL’95 Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Visual Languages.

VL and VP On-line Technical Reports and Papers
A regularly updated research site maintained by Bertrand Ibrahim of Visual Programming and Software engineering group, CUIUniversity of Geneva.
Visual Language Research Bibliography
Detailed and concise bibliography on Analysis of Visual Information, Visual Programming Languages, Visualization and Visual Databases.


Tour of Symmetry Groups
A guided tour of symmetry groups using the Kali program written in Java.

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