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Just Released! My christmas project – kilogames.comKilogames is an arcade site with online games. I used PHPArcadeScript to build kilogames. PHPArcadeScript seems to be one of the best and most popular scripts for making an arcade site. Installing PHPArcadeScript was very easy and did not take more than 20 minutes. Changing the look and feel and customising it with all the features I needed was also very easy -with some basic knowledge of PHP and CSS-. In total the whole project took about 2 to 3 days.

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Just released my latest 7-day project at It is a feed aggregator site that attempts to follow the steps of and but specializes in video games.

At the moment, displays 113 of the most popular gaming feeds in 11 categories: games buzz, news, latest online games, mmogs, pc games, xbox, xbox360, ps/2, ps/3, Nintendo Wii, & misc. It should help you find the latest game related links faster than ever…

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Hooked on Yahoo Answers


A month ago, I was talking to a good friend discussing potential ideas for making a social site. There are many bloggers that want more traffic and many internet searchers that want particular information. You put these two together and it makes sense having a social site for searchers, to put article demands for bloggers. The topics could be put on vote by all users. Bloggers see the demand for articles and depending on their expertise choose to write articles linking them to the topic. Everybody wins, what a brilliant idea.

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