Djangopedia has Been Born!

djangopediaFor long time I wanted to start a wiki for all django fans. A place to put all kind of information related to the wonderful legacy Django Reinhardt has left us. If you love Django’s music, please visit and participate.

I have added some basic structure with Django’s Discography and created the first page, for Django’s most famous song, Minor Swing. I want to have a page per song, where we can gather all the information and web links we can get on a single page.

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Hooked on Yahoo Answers


A month ago, I was talking to a good friend discussing potential ideas for making a social site. There are many bloggers that want more traffic and many internet searchers that want particular information. You put these two together and it makes sense having a social site for searchers, to put article demands for bloggers. The topics could be put on vote by all users. Bloggers see the demand for articles and depending on their expertise choose to write articles linking them to the topic. Everybody wins, what a brilliant idea.

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Released Source Code For Web Hangman

hangmanAfter receiving few emails requesting web hangman’s java source code, I decided to make it publicly available. Feel free to change it as you wish and let me know if you make anything nice with it. Remember that after building and before deploying you will must sign the applet with your certificate. This is well explained on the article “How to open/read/write a local file from an applet“.